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Rebellion Reign Dildo Saddle

Material: PU+Metal
Item Code: LV761214
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3PCS/inner case, 6PCS/outside box
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  • Rebellion Reign
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Product Description

Embark on a journey of lavish sensuality with our Rebellion Reign Dildo Saddle, a masterpiece of desire blending functionality with high-end aesthetics. Crafted from durable PU material, this exquisite piece isn’t just a tool for pleasure, it’s a statement in luxury, designed to elevate your most intimate moments into an art form.
Engineered with precision, the saddle contours are in harmony with ergonomic principles, offering a stable and comfortable platform that moves with your rhythm. The heart of this majestic creation features a versatile O-ring, secured and adjusted by both snap buttons and a zipper, providing a customizable experience with your choice of dildos. It’s a marriage of comfort and versatility, where pleasure is limited only by imagination.
The Rebellion Reign Dildo Mount transcends traditional bounds, equipped with adjustable buckle straps that can be creatively attached to various objects like pillows or tables. This adaptability invites exploration of countless positions and settings, turning your environment into an arena of endless sensual delights.

Key Features

  1. Luxuriously crafted from durable PU material.
  2. Ergonomically designed saddle shape for a comfortable and stable ride.
  3. Central O-ring with snap buttons and zipper for versatile dildo attachment.
  4. Adjustable buckle straps for creative positioning on pillows, tables, and more.
  5. Ideal for exploring a variety of positions and enhancing sensual stimulation.
  6. Saddle: 12 inches long, 4.3 to 9 inches wide.
  7. Straps: Adjustable between 17 and 42.5 inches in circumference.
  8. O-ring: 1.7 inches in diameter, secured and adjusted by both snap buttons and a zipper.
  9. It doesn't include any dildos. dildo for demonstration only.

Product Info

Material: PU+Metal Charging: -
Color: Black Setting: -
Language: English HS CODE: 420500
EAN CODE: 6942063401681 Country of Origin: China
Product Size: 31.5 cm. Φ23 cm Outside Box QTY: 6 PCS
Product Weight: 451 g Inner Case QTY: 3 PCS
Packaged Size: 25*10*35 cm Case size: 56.5*38.5*43.5 cm
Packaged Weight 651 g Case weight: 5 KG