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Client support

How can I purchase Lovetoy products?

1. For Wholesalers and Distributors: Simply purchase your products right here on our website. Sign up for an account and one of our knowledgeable Sales Representatives will contact you and help you set up your account. This website is for wholesalers and distributors only.
2. For Consumers: If you are from the United States, You can order from one of our resellers here www.buylovetoy.com for some of our products. In other countries, You can purchase from your favorite retailer.

What are the various options for placing a wholesale order?

1. online ordering system
After you place the order online, our sales representative will contact you by email to confirm the shipping method, delivery time, payment information, etc, and send you the final invoice by email to proceed with payment.
Our online ordering system is super easy to use and ensures your order is processed error-free.

2. Email us directly
If you prefer to place your order by email, feel free to contact our Sales Representative by sending an email to sales@lovetoysindustry.com.
They always want to hear from you!
Does your product carry a consumer warranty?
Yes! check here: https://www.lovetoyproducts.com/info/warranty_i0118.html
Have problems with our products as a consumer?
Should you encounter any issues while using our products, please feel free to reach out to our client support team by completing the contact form. We are more than happy to assist you in resolving your concerns.